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Barcamp Montréal 2

I will be giving a 15 minute presentation about Mujax at Barcamp Montréal 2 this Saturday, April 28th. It takes place at the SAT and starts at 9:30 am. Other topics range from “taking photographs with cheap drugstore cameras”, presented by Simon Law, to “everything you wanted to know about the sex trade in Thailand but were afraid to ask”, an already controversial presentation by Madame Woo.

Barcamp is an unconference where all of the attendees are also participants. If you attend Barcamp you must either give a presentation or contribute to the event in some other way (like helping to set up).

WordPress Themes

So I’ve been browsing the WordPress Theme Viewer looking for a nice, understated, mildly geeky theme for this blog. I really don’t want to have to design one myself. However, judging by the standard fare found in the theme viewer, it’s starting to feel like I might be doing just that. There really seems to be a problem with over-designing, putting the design above content (themes with a ridiculously thin column for blog posts, for example), bad color combinations, etc etc. I’m not saying I’m a design wiz, because I’m not, but some of these people seem to be designing with their eyes closed. By far the coolest theme I found is CLI 2.1.2 by Rod McFarland. Like the name suggests, it is a command line interface to a WordPress blog. Totally cool and also almost totally unusable. I mean, if you don’t want people to read your blog, ever, use that theme. Even still, I’m impressed by the execution and the sheer geeky opaqueness of the concept.