Monthly Archives: January 2008

Springy Synth

Decided to take a little break from developing Minim and make something with it instead. I made a synth that uses the positions of particles in a simulation to change the frequency and pan position of several oscillators. It comes in two flavors: mono and poly.

Minim Manual Finished

Well, I accomplished one of my two goals and finished writing the Minim manual. Hopefully it is clear and will be a useful reference for people. I wasn’t able to push out a new release because of holiday parties, distractions from other projects, and so forth.

Some good news for Minim development, however, is that I finally got around to setting up my PC to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows XP, so I’ll be developing primarily in Linux and then testing things back in Windows. I have already discovered that Linux is pretty tetchy, has latency issues, and is just generally not as great for audio. I have an idea for how to solve the latency issue, but it will require pretty significant recoding. I may just release a new version of Minim within the next month to make some small API changes available and then push dealing with the latency issue into the following release. I’m going to try to be better about semi-regular releases so that when people send me bugs I deal with them quickly and then release a new version.