Everything is a game about being you, created in collaboration with David OReilly. It is a large “universe simulation” where players can inhabit and control virtually anything they see on screen, enabling them to experience the world from a variety of viewpoints ranging from tiny molecules up to galaxies. It also contains a unique auto-play feature that enables the game to play itself, allowing players to influence the direction of game as little or as much as they want. It is available on PC, PS4, and

David OReilly – Creative Director, Design & Production
Damien Quartz – Programming & Systems
Eduardo Ortiz Frau – Sound
Ben Lukas Boysen – Music
Anne Yang – 3d Design
Elle Michalka & 30000fps – Concept Design
Coatsink Software Ltd. – PS4 Programming Support


SUPERHYPERCUBE is a VR “first person puzzler” with classic controls and intuitive shape-matching gameplay. You control a group of cubes and rotate it to fit through a hole in a wall that is constantly moving toward you. Each time you fit through another wall without crashing, more cubes are added to your cluster. Head tracking is critical in the game – as your cluster of cubes gets bigger, you will need to lean around it to see the hole and quickly determine what rotations to make. Stay alive as long as possible, and add your high scores to the ranks of players around the world! The game was released on October 13th, 2016 for Playstation VR as a launch title and in 2017 was brought to the Vive.

SUPERHYPERCUBE is a game by Kokoromi Collective, whose members include Damien Quartz, Phil Fish, Heather Kelley, and Cindy Poremba.

MOUNTAIN is an ambient procedural mountain simulator. It generates a virtual mountain based on drawn responses to three questions. From that point on the only interaction you have with the mountain is to move the the camera around and play little tunes on a keyboard.

MOUNTAIN has received excellent coverage in The Atlantic, Wired, Gamasutra, and LA Weekly, among others. In 2018 we spent several months giving the game a complete overhaul to create MOUNTAIN 2.0.

MOUNTAIN costs only $1 and is available for iOS as well as for Mac, Windows, and Linux via the MOUNTAIN website.


David OReilly – Creator, Design, Art
Damien Quartz – Programming, Sound
Eduardo Ortiz Frau – Additional Sound for version 2.0

Cosmic DJ

Cosmic DJ is a quick “pick-up and play” musical experience. It is appropriate for people of any musical competence and is meant to be a fun and new way for people to experience the joy of music creation. Create songs quickly and intuitively and then share them for the world to hear! On iOS you can share directly to SoundCloud from the game and on Windows and Mac you can export mp3s of your songs to your computer.

Cosmic DJ is available on Steam and iOS.


Matt Piersall – Design, Music, Sounds
Damien Quartz – Programming, Design
Eric Wenske – Art, Design, Programming
Tyler Piersall – Additional Music
Additional Art by: Amanda Williams, Ron Power, Damon Waldrip, Ika, Sara Gross, Kody Korthauer, Roy Nathan de Groot

Riff Raft

Riff Raft is a game about scouts riding rivers and tossing tallboys. You and a friend experience rafting and drinking for the first time. Uh oh.

Riff Raft was made for the Global Game Jam 2014 in about 48 hours, though we’ve continued to improve on it since then. Play it online!

Rusty Moyher – Design and Programming
Sara Gross – Art and Design
Ken Kopecky – Programming
Damien Quartz – Music and SFX


Video logs recovered from the STARPHONIX series probes, which were sent out to negotiate peace treaties with alien races to prevent the destruction of galaxies of interest.

This game was created for #GAMEMAKINGFRENZY, the 2013 Fantastic Arcade 48-hour game jam.


George Royer – Visual and Game Design
Damien Quartz – Audio and Gameplay Programming

Portraying The Terran Condition:
An Approach To Simulate A Civilization

Portraying The Terran Condition: An Approach To Simulate A Civilization is a First Person Research Shooter.

This 7D (backwards compatible to 2D) world simulation depicts six different key events in the history of Terra (“Earth”), a low-tech civilization that self-destructed several aeons ago. Based on the relatively few biological and cultural artifacts, a team of multi-AI minds was able to recreate a stunningly accurate depiction of this ancient civilization.

This game was created for Fuck This Jam as part of my 2012 residency with monochrom at Museumsquartier Vienna.


Damien Quartz – Programming, Design, Art, and Sound
Johannes Grenzfurthner – Story
Eric Wenske – Additional Art
Heather Kelley – Wise Words Regarding Level Design


An audio-driven game, written in Processing, created by Kokoromi. Pulsers are spawned in reaction to the sound going into the game and the player can move them around the screen using physics-based powers. Various enemies will also appear to prey on the player’s Pulsers. Glee. was my first serious foray into audio programming and became the catalyst to starting work on Minim, my Java audio library. Play it.


Damien Quartz – Programming
Heather Kelley – Design
Phil Fish – Design, Art


The boombox dude hanging out on a platform.
Created for the TIGSource A Game By Its Cover competition, and winner of a Best Audio Badge, you control a character in a 2D side-scrolling world and collect Jams, which you can then play to build up a sweet tune. There are other boombox dudes in the world who will jam with you when you are playing what they want to hear. The goal is to simply collect all the jams in the level and then just jam out with them. Play it or watch a playthrough video.


Amanda Williams – Environment Art
Damien Quartz – Music, Design, Programming
Kevin Bennett – Music, SFX
Oscar Garza – Animation
Sean McIntosh – Environment Art, Character Design