Monthly Archives: November 2010

Sound Byte: String of Pearls

I had a cool idea about controlling a filter bank of bandpass filters, so I coded up this simple sketch. Each white pearl in this string of pearls represents a band pass filter. The horizontal position of each pearl controls the center frequency and the vertical position controls the bandwidth. You can click and drag around any of the pearls, including the red ones, which are simply anchor points for the string. The song is Lonely Rolling Star from the Katamari Damacy soundtrack.

Try it out.

Comments closed in the Minim Manual

I’ve decided to close comments on all of the Minim Manual pages because it just doesn’t feel like a good place to answer questions regarding particular sketches that people are working on. If you have questions about how to accomplish something, particularly if it involves interactivity, please take those questions to the Processing forum. I try to visit every now and again, but there’s a good chance that people who visit more regularly will be able to answer your question much more quickly than I! If you find an honest-to-goodness bug, please create an issue for it at the Processing Google Code page. I will try to get to it as quickly as I can.