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Spectral Harp Out Now For iOS

Image showing the Spectral Harp app.

Spectral Harp is now available on the iOS App Store for just $0.99!

Spectral Harp is a sound toy that generates sound by letting you strum or tap strings that represent portions of the audible spectrum. You can produce more variations in sound by using the four sliders along the bottom to control spectrum density, pitch, decay, and a bit crush effect. It’s great for creating things that sound like aliens or droids talking. Here’s a sound sample:

WaveShaper Update and Sale!

Another bug-fix update will be going out on the store later tonight or tomorrow and to celebrate I’m dropping the price to $1.99 for one day. If you’ve been reluctant to spend the full $6 on it, grab it on January 28th!

Also coming reasonably soon will be version 2.0, which will include Dropbox integration and Audio Copy/Paste.