Hi, I’m Damien Quartz!

I’m a creative coder and composer interested in interactive audio art and video games. Some of my game projects include SUPERHYPECUBE, Everything, Mountain, and Cosmic DJ. I’ve also created several audio plugins that are all open source.

I’m the author of Minim, a Java audio library that is included with Processing 2.0 and available for Processing 3.0 in the Contribution Manager. In November of 2009, I was joined by Anderson Mills who proposed and co-developed the UGen Framework for the library, which enables real-time synthesis with an extensible collection of unit generators. The best way to keep track of those developments is to watch the Github repo.

Around the web, I can be found on Github, Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

If you have a question about Minim, you can post it on the Processing forum, for bugs create an Issue on Github.