WordPress Themes

So I’ve been browsing the WordPress Theme Viewer looking for a nice, understated, mildly geeky theme for this blog. I really don’t want to have to design one myself. However, judging by the standard fare found in the theme viewer, it’s starting to feel like I might be doing just that. There really seems to be a problem with over-designing, putting the design above content (themes with a ridiculously thin column for blog posts, for example), bad color combinations, etc etc. I’m not saying I’m a design wiz, because I’m not, but some of these people seem to be designing with their eyes closed. By far the coolest theme I found is CLI 2.1.2 by Rod McFarland. Like the name suggests, it is a command line interface to a WordPress blog. Totally cool and also almost totally unusable. I mean, if you don’t want people to read your blog, ever, use that theme. Even still, I’m impressed by the execution and the sheer geeky opaqueness of the concept.