Minim Manual Updated.

Reas kicked me in the ass (via e-mail), so I updated the Minim Manual to reflect the Minim 2.0 API. I need to give a shout-out to Urban Giraffe for their WordPress plug-in Sniplets. This enabled me to pull all of the examples in the Manual directly from the online examples. This means that any time I update the online examples, they will be immediately reflected in the Manual. Rock, rock on, says I.

I’m pretty sure that I didn’t leave anything out, but if you spot any omissions, mistakes, or poorly written explanations, please let me know! I will endeavor to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Also worth mentioning in this post is that Processing 1.0 is out! I can’t say I contributed much to its release, but its imminent release is what got me to finally cleanup and release Minim 2.0. One exciting detail I don’t think I’ve mentioned is that Minim is now one of the libraries that comes with the Processing download. I am very honored to have my library so closely tied to such an awesome project and I hope that people find working with Minim as easy as it is to work with the core Processing API.

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