Image showing Evaluator with the syntax reference open.
Evaluator is inspired by bytebeat, a "genre" of music discovered by viznut, which he documented in several youtube videos.

Evaluator's approach, however, is not purist, and its language is not C. The language contains much of the same syntax, most of the operators, and the same operator precedence, but introduces some additional features that make generating musical sounds a little bit easier and also make real-time MIDI control of the program possible. It also includes several built-in presets that demonstrate all the language features, supports save/load to fxp, and loading a program from a plain text file.


Damien Quartz – Programming and Design

Spectral Harp

Image showing Spectral Harp user interface.
SpectralHarp lets you strum the sound spectrum in various ways by giving you a set of strings that activate different frequencies depending on how you configure them. You can choose the portion of the sound spectrum you want to strum as well as how many strings to display from that portion. There are additional knobs for Pitch, Decay, and Crush, which allow you to further modify the sound.

The standalone version also supports controlling parameters with MIDI: simply right-click on a control, select MIDI Learn, and then twiddle a knob on your connected device to map it to that control.


Damien Quartz – Programming and Design

WaveShaper for iPad

Image showing the WaveShaper app with the Sounds menu open.
Use one of 20 included sounds or load your own sounds.

WaveShaper is an audio synthesis app that lets you control a unique sound generating algorithm using a large XY controller. Use two fingers to control four parameters in real-time. This app is full of surprises and will create sounds unlike any you might create in a typical sound design plugin! For more info, sound samples, video, and screenshots, visit WaveShaper is no longer available on the App Store, but I hope to release a version for desktop soon.


Damien Di Fede – Programming and Design
Bobby Arlauskas – Presets and Sound Design
Amanda Williams – Visual Design

Body Heat

An app for iOS devices that allows you to control the speed and intensity of an attached OhMiBod vibrator using the touchscreen. The image above was procedurally generated based on user input. The app was purchased by OhMiBod and is now available on the App Store as OhMiBod Remote.


Amanda Williams – Art
Damien Di Fede – Programming, Sound
Heather Kelley – Design