Class AudioInput

  extended by ddf.minim.Controller
      extended by ddf.minim.AudioSource
          extended by ddf.minim.AudioInput
All Implemented Interfaces:
Effectable, Recordable

public class AudioInput
extends AudioSource

An AudioInput provides no extra functionality over what AudioSource does, it exists simply for the sake of having a class named for input from the system. You can obtain an AudioInput by calling one of the getLineIn methods of Minim. The audio that the input receives will depend on the current record source of the computer (such as the line-in or microphone).

Damien Di Fede

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
AudioInput(AudioStream stream, AudioOut out)
          Constructs an AudioInput that subscribes to stream and can control the DataLine that stream is reading from.
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Constructor Detail


public AudioInput(AudioStream stream,
                  AudioOut out)
Constructs an AudioInput that subscribes to stream and can control the DataLine that stream is reading from.

stream - the AudioStream that this will subscribe to for samples