Package ddf.minim

Interface Summary
AudioBuffer An AudioBuffer is specifically a buffer of floating point samples corresponding to a single channel of streaming audio.
AudioEffect An AudioEffect is anything that can process one or two float arrays.
AudioListener An AudioListener can be used to monitor Recordable objects.
AudioSignal If you want to write an audio generating class to work with Minim, you must implement the AudioSignal interface.
Effectable An Effectable object is simply one that can have AudioEffects attached to it.
Playable Playable defines functionality that you would expect from a tapedeck or CD player.
Polyphonic Polyphonic describes an object that can have multiple AudioSignals attached to it.
Recordable A Recordable object is one that can provide a program with floating point samples of the audio passing through it.

Class Summary
AudioInput An AudioInput provides no extra functionality over what AudioSource does, it exists simply for the sake of having a class named for input from the system.
AudioMetaData AudioMetaData provides information commonly found in ID3 tags.
AudioOutput An AudioOutput is used to generate audio with AudioSignals.
AudioPlayer An AudioPlayer is used for playing an AudioRecording.
AudioRecorder An AudioRecorder can be used to record audio that is being played by a Recordable object.
AudioSample An AudioSample is a special kind of file playback that allows you to repeatedly trigger an audio file.
AudioSnippet Deprecated.  
AudioSource An AudioSource is a kind of wrapper around an AudioStream.
Controller Controller is the base class of all Minim classes that deal with audio I/O.
EffectsChain An EffectsChain is a list of AudioEffects that gives you the ability to enable and disable effects, as you would in a typical DAW.
Minim The Minim class is how you get what you want from JavaSound.
SignalChain An SignalChain is a list of AudioSignals that gives you the ability to enable (unmute) and disable (mute) signals.
SignalSplitter A SignalSplitter acts exactly like a headphone splitter.