Once again heaping some digital abuse on the Bird and the Bee. This is a kind of granular synthesis performance patch. Controls are as follows:

Mouse movement: the screen acts as an x/y controller for the Granulizer. X position controls the size of a grain and Y position controls how many times the grain is repeated before a new one is chosen.
Hold d: send the ouput through some delay.
Hold s: activates the SampleRepeat effect, which will grab a small portion of the current audio and loop it.
Hold c: activates a Bit Crush effect which sweeps down to maximum crushage and back up to no crushage when the key is released.
Hold e: slowly increases the speed of the entire thing.
Hold w: slowly decreases the speed of the entire thing, bottoming out at 0, which creates silence.
Hold f and move mouse: enters filter mode which allows the mouse to control the cutoff and resonance of a low pass filter. X controls cutoff, Y controls resonance.

Source code: granulizerPatch Granulizer SampleRepeat

Built with Processing