David OReilly’s Character Mirror

Character Mirror is an app for the Oculus Rift that allows you to see your reflection as a virtual character looking back at you. It was created for an installation in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin.

Check out David’s blog post for downloads.

David OReilly – Concept, Art, Most Things
Damien Di Fede – Couple of Handy Scripts

Elephant in the Room

Hyrax footprints stuck to the floor of the Chambre Sonore to indicate where visitors can stand to interact with the piece.

Elephant in the Room is an interactive audio/visual piece created for the exhibition Joue le Jeu – Play Along, showing at La Gaîté Lyrique from June 21st, 2012 to August 12th, 2012. It was written specifically for the Chambre Sonore at the Gaîté, which is a room containing a 10 channel audio system, 8 pressure sensitive floor panels, and 8 color LED lights. The piece cycles through 5 different soundscapes, each of which requires input from visitors to advance. As visitors interact with the piece they create sounds and blink lights, making for an experience that is part interactive art and part screenless mini-games. For a detailed description of the piece you can read my blog post about it.

Special thanks to Heather Kelley, Cindy Poremba, and Lynn Hughes, the three curators of the show. And also thanks to Oscar Barda, Eric Zimmerman, and Nathalie Pozzi, who all gave very helpful feedback during development.


Damien Di Fede – Design and Programming

Entre 2 Mondes

Designed by Mickaël Lafontaine, Entre 2 Mondes is an interactive touchscreen experience that is a meta-installation about Cycloïd-E, which is a “kinetic polyphonic installation” that was also shown being shown at the 2011 Elektra Festival in Montréal. Mickaël had elementary and high school students watch video and listen to recordings of Cycloïd-E and then write short poems about it. These poems have been split into four “thematic spaces” where people can reconstruct the poems by dragging words into place. Each “thematic space” has a theme and a unique soundscape that evokes different aspects of Cycloïd-E. The soundscapes are constructed out of bits of recordings of Cycloïd-E, recordings of the kids reading their poems, and procedurally generated audio. I used the new UGen Framework in Minim to create all of the effects and do real-time mixing and parameter control, some of which is tied directly to touchscreen input. Check out the photo and video documentation that Mike put together.


Damien Di Fede – Audio Design and Programming
Mickaël Lafontaine – Visual and Interactive Design and Programming

Sound Bytes

As examples of the kinds of things that can be accomplished with the Minim UGen framework, I create sound generating sketches in Processing. Some are interactive, some are just short experiments. All of them are generating the sound as you hear it. When prerecorded sound is used, it becomes source for additional modification. Have a listen!